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July 21

At 75 years, time takes centre stage and especially so when in 2009 relatives from the USA did Bath and my elder son, Roderick, wanted to know why I had not yet arrived in California to see him. With age 76 in sight and the dictums ‘acta-non-verba’ (action not words), ‘move out of your comfort zone’, ‘meet people’, ‘travel light’, ‘cope with the unexpected’ and ‘give thanks for life’ all being repeated ad nauseam, it was now or never!

Seeking a helping hand via a Google search landed Andrew of Yorkshire (A of Y) who said ‘OK, but no turning back’.

I wished to abandon my designer ethos and leave some things to chance en-route, but the fifteen-week timeframe straight jacket and the life patterns of my hosts needed matching. These tensions eventually gave birth to a multi-layered travel construct so beloved to the design fraternity.

The blog designed by a friend to augment and report upon daily happenings, I fear rapidly collapsed under the weight of my inexperience. Today it takes the form of a post-journey recall with a name created by my young granddaughter, Sophie. It draws upon my retained daily diary, text messages, images taken by myself or sourced elsewhere, plus people-centred encounters and on-trail surprises.

New posts will be arriving shortly, so watch this space!


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